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USDA Loans are guaranteed loan programs that allow buyers to purchase a primary residence without a down payment while obtaining a favorable interest rate. USDA interest rates are sometimes lower than other loan programs. The primary advantage to this program is that the borrower doesn’t pay monthly mortgage insurance which makes monthly payments more affordable. USDA does however charge a monthly service fee of 0.4% of the total loan amount, as well as an up-front funding fee of 2.0%. The upfront funding fee may be rolled into the loan, but as its’ name implies the monthly service fee is paid on a monthly basis.

The borrower may take advantage of this program for primary residences within certain areas of your state. Additionally, income limits apply to USDA mortgages and unlike other loan programs daycare expenses and other allowable expenses may be deducted from your monthly income to help you qualify. Your Flat Branch Home Loans Mortgage Banker can calculate your income to make sure you are eligible.

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